Attack and destroy in this arcade action tank game. Smooth graphics, fire and smoke, and unique control scheme.
2006 Smartphone & Pocket PC Best Software Awards Finalist!

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LEJJO! v2.12
The Gelatinous Gravity Game


2006! New version for the new Windows Mobile 5 devices. Lejjo should also support square screen devices like the new Windows based Treo.

Another user submitted level. This one's from Joe Bunke. Requires Version 2.1 or later.

Microsoft SmartPhone Version Now Available!
The same smooth, rotating gameplay. Try it or buy it from Clickgamer

Here's a HUGE level designed by Hartmut. Download it, unzip, and copy it to your device in the 'lejjo/levels' folder. Be prepared to spend some time with this one. It will take you over 700 seconds to get to the finish line! Requires Version 2.1 or later.

Another great, user submitted level from 'kevlar'! Requires Version 2.1 or later.

New Update May 12, 2004!
version 2.1 released
Includes support for TiltCONTROL devices!
Uses compressed level files now, so storage use is minimized (approx 1 meg for everything).

  New Update March 16, 2004! Lejjo 2.0 is released.
   Performance Boost - Now runs even faster!
   3-D Lejjo Blob
   Particle Effects
   32 Levels
   2 Songs
   Integrated Level Editor
   Same LOW price

The demo version now allows you to play 3 levels from the game, so what are you waiting for?

Get it now at
Compatible devices: ARM/X-scale PocketPC's running PocketPC 2002 & 2003 - Windows Mobile.

    FAST Real-time rotatable/zoomable tile-based levels (20-40 FPS).
    Timed and non-timed game modes.
    Gelatinous Physics.
    MOD (standard 4 channels ProTracker) Music Jukebox - see instructions on this page.
    JPG Backgrounds - make your own.
    Updateable Tile-sets.
    Updateable Levels.
    High Score system records your 10 best times for each level.

The game is fairly unique in that it's not a platformer, a shooter, card or tile game...  It's best if you just download the demo and try it, but here's an attempt to describe the game:

The goal of the game is to get the "Lejjo" to the finish line.  It's not straight forward since you can't move the lejjo.  You have to use gravity.  By rotating the playfield, you can get the lejjo to fall in the appropriate direction, kind of like those old puzzles with mercury or marbles in them.  But there's also the fact that the lejjo is gelatinous.  Hitting walls can cause the lejjo to jiggle out of control.  Other times, a well placed wall can be an advantage to slam the lejjo into...  Part of the fun is getting to know the physics of the game, and at the same time learn the levels and where to go to get the best times.

Full Version Contains 32 LEVELS! More levels can be added in the future.


Information on MOD Music and Backgrounds

The game is capable of playing any ProTracker files, so if you want to add more music to the game - you can.

In order to add music to Lejjo, you need to find a source of ProTracker .mod files.  A good source is the ModArchive .  Lejjo only supports files that have the ".mod" extension and only ones that adhere to the standard ProTracker format (there's not a good way to tell, but most of the ones I've tried work as long as the extension is right).  Once you have the files, use active-sync to copy the files to the lejjo subdirectory called "mods".  To do this, sync as normal, then hit the "explore" button on the activesync window.  Go into "My Pocket PC", then "Program Files", "Lejjo", then "mods".  You should now be in "\Program Files\Lejjo\mods" (unless you moved the files somewhere else".).  Copy as many as 50 mods into this directoy and they will be added to a playlist and shuffled.  Each time you select a new level, you will get a new song.

Backgrounds are done the same as above, except that you use JPG files (extension of .jpg) and put them in the "backgrounds" folder ( "\Program Files\Lejjo\backgrounds" ).  They are automatically resized to 256x256, so you might want to keep that in mind when you make them.  Also, keep the brightness down so that it won't interfere with the game's graphics.

Information on Level Editor

A level editor is included that runs on the pocketPC (LEdit.exe in the tracks folder). It is what I used to design the levels in the game and is WYSIWYG. The direction pad scrolls, "QUIT" saves and exits, button "-" zooms out, button "+" zooms in. Along the bottom is the tiles that you can place in the level. Remember that the lejjo always starts out in the upper left hand corner of the level. Select the "active" tile on the bottom row, then use the stylus to draw the level. The level editor will only work with the filename "track.dat", so if you want to edit a track, you must rename it first. Otherwise a new track.dat will be created. After creating your level, name it whatever you'd like and leave it in the "levels" directory. The next time you start Lejjo, it will be listed as an available level.

Questions, Comments, etc. can be directed to or
The Gelatinous Gravity Game for PocketPC...